Currently supported ParsersΒΆ

The following parsers are currently available for PDA. If your parser is not in the list, please consider to write your own parser.

Parser Product Description
AlertLog Oracle Database Selected events from alert.log
CellMetrics Oracle ExaData Metrics from ExaData Storage Cells
CollectD collectd All data from collectd
CollectL collectl All data from collectl
Csv generic Data from generic CSV files
Faban Faban Faban load generator driver logfiles
HotSpot Java HotSpot HotSpot GC logfiles for ParNew, ParOld, CMS, G1
Iostat Solaris, Linux I/O statistics from iostat
JRockit Java JRockit JRockit GC logfiles
Mpstat Solaris, Linux Processor statistics from mpstat
Netstat Solaris, Linux Network statistics from netstat
Nicstat Solaris Network statistics from nicstat
Pgstat Solaris Processor group statistics from pgstat
Ping Solaris, Linux Network latency statistics from ping
Prstat Solaris Process and thread statistics from prstat
Ps Solaris, Linux Process statistics from ps and OSWatcher
RegExp generic Logfiles containing arbitrary data specified through regular expressions
Sar Solaris, Linux CPU and system statistics from sar
Swap Solaris Swap file statistics from swap
Vmstat Solaris, Linux Virtual memory and cpu statistics from vmstat
WebLogic WebLogic Selected statistics from WebLogic server logfiles

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