pda PDA - Performance Data Analyzer

Analyze and correlate performance data, troubleshoot problems and calculate statistics with PDA!

PDA is a tool that helps you to analyze performance data and troubleshoot problems by correlating data from various sources. It comes with parsers for many common OS, Java, and database statistics, including parsers for vmstat, mpstat, iostat, collectl, Java garbage collection, and Oracle database statistics. With PDA, you can easily plot data from any ot these sources in a single graph, correlate individual curves, interactively zoom in and out, and calculate various statistics from the data.
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pda - Performance Data Analyzer

Performance Data Analyzer
Version 2

07/31/2018 Version 2.1.1
03/15/2018 Version 2.1.0
01/09/2015 Version 2.0.5
06/12/2014 Version 2.0.4
11/10/2013 Version 2.0.2
08/14/2013 Version 2.0.1
04/14/2013 Version 2.0