Command Line Use

PDA is also capable of plotting files directly from the command line.

Usage: [-v] -p pngfile [dim] -f files... -s series...
      -v        verbose
      pngfile   filename of image to plot
      dim       dimension of image (default: 1024x768)
      files...  files to plot (use 'file@parser' to specify parser class to use)
      series... series to plot (regular expressions matching series names)

Specify a list of files to be parsed, and a list of series from these files to be plotted. The parser for each file will be automatically selected based on the best matching parser. To override the parser selection for a file, append @parserclass` to the filename, where *parserclass is the class name of the parser to be used.


To plot the usr and sys time from vmstat.log to a file vmstat.png: -p vmstat.png -f vmstat.log -s usr sys

For the same plot with an image size of 800x600 pixel: -p vmstat.png 800x600 -f vmstat.log -s usr sys

To plot the r/s and w/s series from all disks in all iostat output files: -p iostat.png -f iostat*.out -s disk:.*:[rw]/s

To plot cpu time (series that end with “cpu”) and disk reads and writes from two different files: -p plot.png -f vmstat.out iostat.out -s cpu$ all::[rw]/s

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